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Work with Jane 
Currently Not Taking New Clients - check back at the end of summer 2024  


1:1 Psychotherapy

IFS (internal family systems therapy)
l Psychotherapy
Individual Breathwork

Jane’s approach to psychotherapy is an integrative one. She specializes in merging counselling approaches like Internal Family Systems therapy with wisdom practices informed by indigenous ways of knowing and Stan Grof's core teachings. Accessing our inner healing inteligence with enhanced/ holotropic states of consciousness, IFS, clinical hypnotherapy™, or holotropic breathwork.


Listen to a podcast with Dick Schwartz   or (click here to see a short video on IFS) 

Jane has been working with non-ordinary states of consciousness for many years in Holotropic Breathwork and other modalities. 
Whatever brings you to Jane; spiritual emergency, integration, grief, trauma, job loss, relationship crisis, anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, she meets you where you are and gives you the energy and reflection for you to make changes and recognize/remember your Self.  

Mentorship and Consultation

Please reach out to Jane to discuss consultation and mentorship services in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork and working in holotropic/expanded states of consciousness. 

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