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Frequently Asked Questions 

Grof® Breathwork Workshops

1 - How do I register?

Simply visit the Workshops page and select the event you'd like to attend.

2 - Are there any requirements in order to participate in this workshop? 


An intake form is required to ensure you are a good candidate for holotropic breathwork. This form can be found here


3 - Where is the Calgary holotropic breathwork venue? Are there accomodations? Is there parking? Can I take public transit to the venue? 

The workshop will be held at a rural setting 30 minutes outside of Calgary, at a private property in Priddis. The ceremony space will be in a yurt, and participants have the option of sleeping in the yurt or tenting on the land for a cost of $50/night. 

There is parking, but no public transportation is available. 

4 - What are the start and end times?


Saturday 9:30 am to 7:00 pm and Sunday 9:30 am to 5:00 pm. It is recommended that anyone traveling from out of town arrives in Calgary on Friday night. It is possible to travel home Sunday evening after the workshop program is complete. 

5 - What is the cost of the workshop?

The cost is $500.

Grof® Legacy Training students: inquire for further discounts. 

6 - What is included in the Calgary Grof® Breathwork workshops?

The workshop cost includes a pre-workshop Zoom call, the two-day workshop, tea and breakfast, snacks (Saturday and Sunday), two lunches (Saturday and Sunday), one dinner (Saturday), and post-workshop Zoom call. The workshop cost does not include accommodations, see information below for options. 

7 - Is it possible to attend for only one day? Can I still attend if I have to arrive a bit late or leave a bit early?

All participants need to be able to stay for the full duration.

8 - Is it possible to accommodate pets at the workshop venue?

Is it not possible for workshop participants to bring pets to this venue. 

9 - What food allergies and restrictions can be accommodated? Is it possible to bring my own food?


We can accommodate common food restrictions and allergies. The workshop registration form includes questions about food restrictions. For those with severe food restrictions and allergies, it is possible to bring your own food. 


10 - I am coming from out of town – where should I stay during the workshop?


Participants can stay on-site in the yurt for $50/night (this will be shared accommodations, with access to the main lodge for showring). Guests can also bring a tent and camp, also $50/night.


Here are some additional options for hotels and driving times to nearby places from the venue. The organizing team has no affiliations with the listed hotels and have provided these as example locations only.

                 10-15 min drive away:

  • AirBnB locations on the west side of Calgary, such as Aspen Woods, Springbank, Discovery Ridge, and Cougar Ridge 


                 20 - 25 min drive away:



             Other notables:​ 30 min drive from Bragg Creek and from Cochrane​

11 - What are your cancellation and refund policies?

We will give a refund - less a $100 administrative fee up until 2.5 weeks before the workshop start day. After that date there will not be any refunds issued. 


12 - Why do I need eye shades and what type are best to use? 

This is an inner journey and eye shades help us to stay inward minimizing external distractions. Bring eye shades or a scarf that you can tie around your head. Sometimes we can experience active breathworks so bringing something that covers your eyes and fits fairly securely on your head. The little ones from airplanes for example do not tend to offer the comfort and shielding that people need. 

13 - Why is it important to attend one of the introductory talks and what if I am unable to attend …can I still attend the workshop? 

The introductory preparation calls are an important part of this work especially if you have not experienced Grof® Breathwork or journeyed inward into holotropic states of consciousness with other modalities. Just like we prepare our bodies if we are going on a hike or running a marathon, it is important to prepare our psyches for what may arise in these deep journeys. Having some understanding of Stanislav Grof’s cartography of the psyche and where you may go helps to create psychological safety and so you are not traumatized or frightened when you experience something that does not ‘fit into’ your understanding and regular conscious states of mind. We will provide a link to an older video recording of this introductory talk which we recommend you watch if you are unable to attend the live zoom call. Or perhaps you may want to listen to or attend both  :-).


If this is your first experience with Grof® (holotropic) Breathwork, it is essential that you attend one of our  introductory talks. If you have attended a session already, it is a good way to refresh your knowledge and help to start to turn your mind towards the coming experience. In the talk we will cover the background and context of Grof® (holotropic) Breathwork, the types of experiences you may have, how the workshop will flow, answer questions: basically try to give you the information you need to feel ready for the workshop. 


Grof® (holotropic) Breathwork is a powerful form of therapy that combines focused breathing with music, art, and bodywork. Our workshops and retreats provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to experience the journey inward using breath as your medicine, and our experienced team of facilitators and assistants are there to help support you through the process.


The virtual integration circle post workshop offers a safe and supportive space to explore insights and unfoldings in the days that follow your journey. 

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